The idea for this project was to create a series of street photography from Lisbon in the dark with low exposure so that the faces will be blurred. The project followed the concept of taking images of people on the streets after 2.00 a.m. until the sunrise. This period of time is considered to be for the deepest level of sleep, but not for everyone. For three months the camera followed the streets that stayed wide awake during these hours. This project was to step out of the comfort zone and find the people and places that are a hidden from our everyday view of the urban environment. There is also little interview I gave about the project called “Erasmus, let me art You.”

2-04-a-m MPP
2.04 [a.m.]
2-17-a-m MPP
2.17 [a.m.]
2-21-a-m MPP
2.21 [a.m.]
2-39-a-m MPP
2.39 [a.m.]
2-42-a-m MPP
2.42 [a.m.]
3-08-a-m MPP
3.08 [a.m.]
3-16-a-m MPP
3.16 [a.m.]
3-25-a-m MPP
3.25 [a.m.]
3-37-a-m MPP
3.37 [a.m.]
3-41-a-m MPP
3.41 [a.m.]
4-05-a-m MPP
4.05 [a.m.]
4-17-a-m MPP
4.17 [a.m.]
4-20-a-m MPP
4.20 [a.m.]
4-38-a-m MPP
4.38 [a.m.]
4-54-a-m MPP
4.54 [a.m.]
5-05-a-m MPP
5.05 [a.m.]
5-12-a-m MPP
5.12 [a.m.]
5-26-a-m MPP
5.25 [a.m.]
5-30-a-m MPP
5.30 [a.m.]
5-58-a-m MPP
5.58 [a.m.]